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Ship type



A hurricane



Julian Antonio Urcullu

Shipwreck zone

Big Constance Bayou, Galveston Island, Texas

Port of departure

Havana (CUB)


Cadiz (ESP)


Gold bullion, silver ingots, riches, quicksilver, wine, brandy and spirits , and nails

El Nuevo Constante was part of a fleet that sailed from Veracruz to Spain after a stopover in Havana. She sank on September 5, after suffering irreparable damage caused by a hurricane three days earlier. Of English construction, she was originally called Duke of York but was later bought in Spain by a merchant family from Cadiz.

She carried 1,344 boxes of mercury, wine, liquor, iron, nails, vinegar, a box of relics from places in Jerusalem, 30,680 pesos in silver coins, 5,000 pesos in gold coins and 160 pounds of silver bars.

Salvage expeditions were launched at the time of the sinking. Her cargo is one of the best examples of the more common products that were brought to Spain from America. In 1979 the company Free Enterprise Salvage, Inc. dived on the ship and reported its discovery. Some objects were extracted. Underwater, at a depth of 18 feet, remains of the keel, anchor and some cannons are still preserved.