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A hurricane


Santiago del Puerto

Shipwreck zone

Big Constance Bayou, Texas

Port of departure

Havana (CUB)



She was part of the Nuevo Constante convoy, sailing with the fleet to offer protection. On her way to Caracas, she lost all her masts and rigging, in addition to the rudder. She belonged to a company from Caracas, a trading organization established in 1728 to conduct trade between Venezuela and Spain.

Her sinking is particularly interesting because her cargo was different from that carried by the other ships of the fleet. Bad weather caused them to abandon the effort to recover the cargo, which was considered of less value than that of the Nuevo Constante because there were no precious metals.

El Corazón de Jesús sank west of the Nuevo Constante. They were headed to Venezuela instead of Spain. The cargo reflects the items that circulated in the American domestic trade.