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Ship type




Bernardo Iñiguez de Bayo



Shipwreck zone

Playa Manzanita, Oregon

Port of departure

Manila (PHL)


Acapulco (MEX)




Wax, eastern ceramics , and silk

The months prior to the shipwreck of the Santo Cristo de Burgos were recorded on Spanish bureaucratic documents due to having to abort the third return journey to Spain of the galleon as a result of the damage caused by a storm and adverse winds in July 1592.

It is known that the attempt made by the galleon to return to Spain in 1692 was a disaster: after losing the rigging, the ship could only sail about a third of the way in 4 months.

After that, proceedings were opened and the incident was documented. As a result, we know now that the captain came off badly and was sentenced to 10 years for lack of diligence, forcing General Bernando Iñiguez de Bayo to post bond for the damages. In July 1693, the general decided to leave the Philippines in haste, without fully equipping the galleon in order to evade justice and avoid the bond he had to post before leaving; leaving behind the supplies and sailors necessary to operate the ship.

Recently, the remains of the vessel have been identified in the area of Manzanitas Beach, Oregon.