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Ship type



A hurricane


Shipwreck zone

Wabasso Beach, Florida

Port of departure

Havana (CUB)


Cadiz (ESP)


Almiranta de Honduras

Two days after leaving Havana, several ships sank in a violent hurricane. Only a few, including the Capitana managed to make it back to Spain.

Most of the ships were wrecked either on the western reefs of the Bahamas or along the Florida coast. One of the largest vessels in the convoy was the San Martín, more commonly known as the Almiranta de Honduras. She had been built in Vizcaya and armed in Seville. Most of her cargo had been picked up in the port of Trujillo and some of it could be salvaged shortly after the ship sank.

The remains of the shipwreck were discovered and a gold ring, a few coins, two anchors and some cannons were extracted. The location of the remains of the San Martin was discovered by the Real Eight Company when they were searching for wrecks of the 1715 Spanish fleet in the 1960s.