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Ship type



A hurricane


Shipwreck zone

Key West, Florida

Port of departure

Havana (CUB)




Gold bullion, silver ingots , and riches

The ship sailed from Havana on October 31, 1755 and sank with 512 crew members on board off the coast of Florida due to a strong hurricane off the Marquesas Islands. She was carrying a large shipment of 437 kilograms of gold bullion, 15,399 gold coins, 153 gold tobacco boxes and 1,072,000 pieces of silver, among many other things. Although she was a French ship, she was in the service of the Spanish crown.

Underwater, at a depth of 70 meters, there are still remains scattered on a seabed of 27 square kilometers. Sub Sea Research, a corporation based in Portland, Maine, located the remains of the galleon about 60 kilometers off Key West. In 2005, Spain claimed its rights over the galleon. Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Spanish State.