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Ship type



A storm


Juan Díaz Bocino

Shipwreck zone

Little Bahamas Bank, Grand Bahamas Island, The Bahamas

Port of departure

Cartagena de Indias (COL)



Her archaeological remains were located in 1991 at a depth of 5 meters.

The site was excavated by Corey Malcolm in 1992. A large part of the ship’s structure is still preserved underwater. Iron nails, seven cannons, three bombardetas (wrought-iron guns), swords, an iron helmet, earthenware jugs, majolica and Aztec pottery, bronze syringes, glass, carpenter’s tools, silver coins, pewter and clay pipes were extracted from the site.

The materials extracted were deposited at The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum in Key West. The site was discovered in 1991, and excavations began the following year under the direction of Corey Malcolm. The ship was very well armed. The iron artillery seemed to have been stored in the hold, which suggests that a sense of security prevailed during that particular leg of the voyage. The large number of storage jars reveals that the ship was carrying a considerable amount of provisions although there is no evidence of any commercial cargo. The wreckage found is not in very bad condition and the ship appears to have rolled over on its side and remained more or less intact.

There is no evidence of the fate of the people on board.