The information presented here is closely linked to the work that the Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage of the Spanish Ministry of Culture has been carrying out for the past several years with the aim of compiling an inventory of historic Spanish shipwrecks which occurred in American waters.

From this large inventory of more than 700 shipwrecks —some of which are well known, such as those of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, the Nuestra Señora de la Limpia y Pura Concepción or of the 1715 Fleet— we have selected those that have a direct relationship with the coasts that currently belong to the United States.

The result is a limited selection of 150 shipwrecks, some from stories recounted, others which are well documented, many of them located and finally, a few whose origin is still unknown but their discovery is a starting point for future research.

This project was financed with a Nominative Grant in 2021 from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports.


  • Carlos León: Underwater archaeologist
  • Beatriz Domingo: Underwater archaeologist
  • Jacques Maes: Web designer and programmer
  • Claudio Rodriguez: IT specialist
  • Marta L. Domingo: Documentalist
  • Aurelio S. Loureiro: Specialist in Maritime Cultural Heritage
  • Sergio Mora: Illustrator
  • Ernesto Coro Morán: Project coordinator
  • Marta González: Translator


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